Industry Leading Manufacturers

We take pride in the relationships we have with manufacturers we represent in order to provide top of the line equipment and solutions to our customers.


Pressure gauges, switches, diaphragm seals, transducers, and transmitters


Peristaltic and Diaphragm Metering pumps, flowmeters, tank systems, and skid systems

Constant Chlor Plus

Dry Calcium Hypochlorite feeding systems using the Constant Chlor Plus briquette for disinfection applications

Entech Design

Interface level analyzers, turbidity monitors, filter backwash monitoring; wired and wireless systems, multi-point


Process turbidity simplified; instruments and reagents for water analysis

ProMinent Fluid Controls

Diaphragm and peristaltic metering pumps, chemical feed and analytical equipment, liquid and dry polymer feed systems

Sage Metering

Gas mass flow meters, transducers, and systems for monitoring mass flow, mass velocity, and temperature of air and gases

Trimble Water

Single platform solution for proactive, remote monitoring, alarming, and reporting of water, wastewater, and storm water; powered by Telog – a Trimble Company – and proven leader in wireless, battery-powered remote monitoring technology; leak detection systems


Plastic tanks, polyethylene tanks for chemical storage, containers and basins in capacities up to 12,000 gallons

Cattron  [Formerly Antx]

SCADA solutions for remote monitoring and controls, cloud-based systems, and alarm dialers; remotely monitor and control lift stations, water towers, pumps, and wells


Capital Controls – Gas feed disinfection technology; ClorTec – On-site Sodium Hypochlorite generation; EST – Scrubbers


Flow meters for open channel partially filled round pipes, close pipes, and channels – including flow, level, and velocity; permanent and portable; multi-point insertion mag meters

The Mastrrr Company

Vacuum induction submersible and inline feeder mixers for induction of gases, liquid, and air; gravity feed systems

Regal – Chlorinators

Gas chlorinators, sulphonators and ammoniators, leak detectors, flow pacing, and safety equipment


Mechanical, digital, and hydraulic 150#, ton cylinder, tank, and platform scales

Wey Valve

Leading global supplier of high performance, zero leakage knife gate valves

Big Wave Water Technologies

Reservoir circulation mixers for potable water chloramine boosting system

Cla-Val Company

Automatic control valves for flow, pressure, solenoid, electronic, backflow, pump and level control, and air valves


Rosemount – pressure, temperature, level and wireless transmitters, analytical technologies, magnetic and vortex flowmeters; Micro Motion –¬† coriolis, mass flow, and density meters; Magtech – magnetic level indicators and transmitters; Analytical – innovative measurement and analytical technology; DO, pH, ORP,
Chlorine and Ammonia


Non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement for liquid and gas; permanent and portable

Primary Fluid Systems

Corporation stops, injection quills, metered pump and accessories, graduated calibration cylinders

RKI Instruments

Permanent and portable gas monitoring instruments, monitoring instruments, and calibration gas


Fixed gas detection and controllers; sample draw, wireless, and IR gas detection

FRP Products – Various Manufacturers

Fiberglass products including buildings, doors, enclosures, and flumes. Provided by various manufacturers.

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